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What is a VPN and what does it do?

A VPN (virtual private network) is a method of linking computers/servers together over the internet utilizing encryption to keep the network private.

BolehVPN secures your connection to the internet by hiding your true location and encapsulating or encrypting the data that passes through the VPN making it harder for third parties to analyze/intercept the traffic.

In short BolehVPN:

  • Protects your privacy by masking your IP
  • Encrypts data to and from your computer that flows through the VPN (for BolehRoute)
  • Accelerates your P2P (for e.g. BitTorrent) on ISPs that shape P2P traffic
  • Allows you to appear from a different country than your origin country to access country specific content (Hulu, Pandora, Veoh, etc)
  • Bypasses certain types of campus/corporate firewalls (we suggest a trial to determine this and to use in moderation)

How a VPN works

What kind of VPN is BolehVPN?

BolehVPN is based off OpenVPN, an open source SSL VPN. We implement a custom GUI for Windows users to facilitate easy installation.

It is widely accepted as one of the most secure VPN implementations out there and is extremely flexible, stable and fast. It also supports a wide variety of platforms (Windows/Unix/Linux/Mac).

We also offer the less secure L2TP VPN for those of you using devices that do not have native OpenVPN support.

How is BolehVPN different than other providers?
  • One price gets you access to all our VPN servers.
  • Our company is based in an offshore location in Malaysia.
  • Our VPN servers do not log user identifiable information.
  • Our VPN servers are completely independent from our central customer database and do not communicate with each other.
  • Supports and optimized for P2P.
  • Ability to choose specific programs to go through the VPN while others go through your regular connection.
  • No bandwidth limitations.
  • Personal and responsive support team and active forum community.
  • Custom BolehVPN-GUI software (for Windows) to automate installation and updates of configuration files.
  • Exciting free bonuses and gifts for full subscribers.
What are the advantages of OpenVPN over PPTP/L2TP/IPSEC VPNs?

PPTP despite its wide usage and easy setup is one of the most vulnerable VPNs out there. Many serious security vulnerabilities have been found in the protocol. A good FAQ on PPTP's weaknesses couched in easy to understand language can be found on Bruce Schneier's site. PPTP is also primarily a Windows based VPN.

IPSec VPNs although secure when configured properly has a very large overhead which diminishes network performance making it unsuitable for high speed transfers. The configuration of IPSec VPNs are also complex and isn't friendly with firewalls.

Hence it is our belief that OpenVPN is the best solution out there for personal end user VPN with its mixture of easy setup, high performance and security.

Where are your servers located?

Purchasing BolehVPN provides you access to servers in the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Hong Kong, France, and Japan.

How do I start using BolehVPN?

To purchase our service, please place an order here.

If you do not know how to utilize BolehVPN, please visit the installation guides and choose your respective operating system.

What do all the respective configurations do? (Fully-Routed/Proxied/US-SurfingStreaming etc)

To get the most out of BolehVPN, it is highly recommended to read what the advantages and disadvantages of each configuration. You can consult the installation guide which details this.

Any prohibited activities?

We do not police on what you use our servers for but users are reminded that it is their responsibility to adhere to the laws of their country and that illegal activites are frowned upon. To protect the integrity of our servers however and to ensure good performance for our customers, if it is found that a user is using our service to perform DoS or similiar type attacks or spamming, we will investigate this and terminate the user summarily.

We also reserve the right to add to this list of prohibited activites or terminate a user if for any reason his/her use poses a threat or harms the service.

Can I use my VPN account anywhere / How many users can connect to the VPN simultaneously?

Yes, as long as the correct credentials is given, you can connect to our servers virtually anywhere provided you have an internet connection.

We only allow 2 VPN connection on a single internet ip address to connect to our servers at a specified time. However, you can also have an L2TP connection at the same time.

What is your privacy policy in relation to customers?

BolehVPN does not maintain any logs beyond the usual system logs required to run our servers. We do not monitor any traffic of our customers nor will we willingly share customer details. We may from time to time turn on the logs temporarily if we are attempting to troubleshoot a performance issue or locate a user abusing our service (see prohibited activities above).

In the event there is a request for account data, BolehVPN's policy is to notify members of requests for their data unless it is prohibited from doing so by statute or court order. In any case, as BolehVPN does not store any user identifiable data in relation to customer's usage of the VPN, there is in any case little data that can be given over beyond the date that you paid and your payment details.

It is noted that we do not require you to specify a real name during account signup and only require a working e-mail address. For your protection, we may contact you to ask for further details should there be any disputes arising from your payment.

BolehVPN also sends a newsletter with updates on our services via e-mail which you can easily opt out of.

Is port forwarding supported on the BolehVPN servers?

Yes, it is available on the Fully-Routed Switzerland and Luxembourg servers.

Can I bypass the quota limits of my ISP with BolehVPN?

So far we have only found out that this will only work with Celcom's postpaid/SKMM plans. We are not able to guarantee that it will definitely work, as these carriers may actively close the ports that is used to exploit this. Also, such acts may breach either carriers' Terms of Agreement.

Please note that the phrase bypassing quota means that one will be able to surf at normal (if not higher) speeds even after throttling has occurred; a result of a used up internet quota. It may not necessary mean that you can avoid getting pro-rated!

How do I force my torrents on Vuze to download/upload through the VPN?

To do this, you will need to make use of the Bind IP function which is both available on the Windows and the Mac.

First of all, you will need to enable the Advanced settings. To do this, navigate to Tools > Options > Mode and check Advanced.

After you have enabled it, go to Connection > Advanced Connection Settings

Next, you will just need to enter the interface name of the TAP adaptor under Bind to local IP address or interface. Just enter the value of the TAP adaptor which can be referenced from the list of available interfaces listed in the same window. For Windows, it's usually begins with eth. As for the Mac, tun.

Lastly, you will need to check the Enforce Ip Bindings option at the bottom of the page.

What are the servers' current status?

You can check the servers' current status here.